Holistic Fraud Management For Charities

An Holistic approach to managing fraud risk

Does your organisation simply react to incidents of fraud or do you proactively manage the risk?

Fraud losses should be treated as a business cost and organisations should take a strategic approach to reducing those losses.

Charities that put in pace an holistic fraud strategy do not simply respond to fraud but also put in place a structure for preventing and deterring fraud.

This requires buy-in and commitment from senior leaders, as well as senior managers across the organisation. Finance, Legal, Compliance, Audit, Risk, HR, Procurement, Facilities Management, Communications and Operational managers all have a role to play in managing fraud risks. Their work in this respect needs to be co-ordinated through expert advice and guidance in order to ensure a consistent and effective approach.

Further details of the importance of taking a strategic approach are contained in our video below.


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